Scathunter “Greatest (S)Hits” Blu-Ray 4k Movie (NOW ON SALE!)


Scathunter “Greatest (S)Hits” Blu-Ray 4k Movie

Now On Sale!!! Use Promo Code “CUMHARDER” For HUGE Discount!!!


It’s finally here! The first ever Scathunter Movie…I have had a ton of requests to get this movie out into rotation for various reasons…Some people just can’t download the content, or they don’t have the room or they simply want to watch it wherever they like, whenever they like, on the spot! This movie contains 6 of Scathunter’s user voted best videos, including over 9 minutes of never before seen footage, behind the scenes footage, as well as bloopers! This is an amazing movie collection in 4k Ultra High Definition (UHD), delivered on a Blu-Ray disc. This bad boy is delivered totally discreet, with no mention of Scathunter or Mr. Cheeks anywhere, simply Matrix Media, with a return address of a non published PO Box! It is securely delivered in a well sealed package and the DVD itself is also wrapped in a cloak. We get it, not everyone understands the most incredible, pleasurable fetish in the world!!! The video has over a $175.00 value, but is listed as $99. Every video is limited to /100 and marked individually as well.  Each video contains a unique special promo code for 40% off your next cart as well!!! But most fun of all, every person who purchases a movie, will have an entry into a raffle where Raquel is going to send you her load!!! Yes you may have the chance at chowing down on some of the finest Kaviar available!!! This is definitely one of our most exciting endeavors and we are sure that you are going to love being a part of it as well!!!! Cheers and enjoy!

Note* We will ship DVD’s anywhere in the world, however if your in the USA shipping and handling is calculated automatically at checkout and is separate. However if you are not in the USA, Canada, or Mexico, you need to message me first in order to calculate your shipping and then I will send you a unique link with your shipping including to checkout. Title is available also for individual digital downloads. Specify at purchase.


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